Step 7 to Heaven

Bible Study.

Start eating from the word of God – Read, Study the Good News Bible, join study group, join a healthy Church (Ask Jesus to lead you to one).
Listen to sermons, praise and worship the Trinity, grow, grow, grow.
Come into contact and have interaction with other Christians, and even other Spirit filled Children of God, that is on adulthood at Step 10 in their lives.
Start memorizing verses from the Bible that you will learn to love, build on your newly found Mustard seed faith.
Remember, there will still be small sin in your life, and your friends and family will sin against you, yes and even some of your fellow Christians will sin against you, on your road to Paradise. Make a stand in your life today.
Forgive instantly, and ask God for forgiveness of your sin, everyday. This is not the sin that you left on Step 2. No small sin. If I can call it that, but with God sin is sin, small or large. Remember you are walking with Jesus Christ, I’m dead curtain He will lead you away from sin, listen to that small voice.
Read your Bible, Pray everyday, forgive instantly, keep walking away from sin and build on your new found faith.
Start listening for God’s voice. Eat The Word of God. It’s sweater than honey. And use your Bible to shield yourself against Satan.

Come now to move into the Holy Port with Sanctification

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Step 8 to Heaven